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Project management. Its at the heart of every product recall campaign. It can help get through the challenges of a recall while keeping company disruption to a minimum. Good project management can let you meet compliance obligations, as well as protect important customer relationships.

ADK Project Resource Group has the experience and skill to assist you in running a well managed product recall campaign that will meet your needs. We can manage select elements of your recall. Or we can manage the entire recall, from program design to final reporting requirements as determined by you and your legal counsel. We can manage a program on-site using your company resources or off-site at our location with our supplier partners.

Well get the resources in line that your recall requires. Our portfolio of partner companies offers competitive rates, often better than companies can get on their own. Well only get the resources that you require. Then well manage them while you keep the focus on your company priorities.

When recalls have to be done, dont let them disrupt your company. Let ADK Project Resource Group help you get through the campaign effectively and efficiently.

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